About Rebels Racing

Rebels began life in late 1994 as a development of an idea by the founders to produce a contact racing series with the need for as little repair equipment as possible. 

Size and appearance was paramount in the design stage, enabling owners and drivers to be proud of their car whilst taking up little space both at home and in transit.  Powered by a very reliable Reliant 850 all aluminium engine producing 60 plus h.p. at 7500 rpm, these little racers are quick and very competitive.

The basic trailing arm and rubber block suspension make for ease of repair and set-up whilst removing the cost of expensive parts. These cars have proven to be very robust over 25 seasons of hard racing, indeed cars of that age still change hands at more than they cost new! 

The replica 5/8th scale Ford Pop bodywork keeps the nostalgia alive, but the on –track action is very 21st century, with contact allowed but only to push and barge one’s way to the front, The days of burying opposition in the safety fence have passed, and the safety record of the Rebel Class is second to none, They have all been factory built using premium quality materials that are designed to do the job, rather than an evolution of another design to save weight, safety has and always will be paramount in the construction and use of these cars, and the residual value proves its right. 

Performance is excellent, but the competition is fierce, with all cars having the same limited suspension system, and dyno checked and sealed power, skill determination and perhaps luck play a big part in any race win.

The 2024 season dates have been carefully chosen to reduce the cost of travelling as much as possible, whilst still appearing at our most supported tracks. With over 85 chassis built and sold, the Rebel formulate continues to go from strength to strength, and with as many as 40 cars on track, the racing is not for the faint hearted, and the adrenalin rush will equal any